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Dorina Bekefi

Visible Mending (The Art of Repair) Workshop 09/12/2023

Visible Mending (The Art of Repair) Workshop 09/12/2023

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Discover the transformative and sustainable art of Visible Mending at our workshop in Christianshavn. Join us for an afternoon dedicated to hygge, where you'll delve into the world of creative repair, turning imperfections into unique expressions of personal style.

In this Visible Mending Workshop, you are invited to bring 2-3 items from your wardrobe that bear the marks of time – tears, holes, or stains. Your instructor will guide you through various embroidery techniques that not only restore functionality but also infuse your garments with character and charm.

Embrace the philosophy of slow fashion as you learn to mend with intention and creativity. All necessary tools, including an array of colorful threads, needles, and embroidery supplies, will be provided. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a novice with a desire to learn, this workshop offers a welcoming environment where you can experiment with different stitches and techniques.

Immerse yourself in the hygge ambiance of Christianshavn as you connect with fellow participants over the shared experience of giving new life to well-loved clothing. As you mend, enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals and the soothing rhythm of the repair process.

Leave the workshop not only with revitalized garments but also with newfound skills that empower you to embrace sustainability and creativity in your approach to fashion. Join us for an afternoon that transcends the ordinary, where the art of repair becomes a celebration of individuality, resourcefulness, and the joy of making.




Christianshavns Beboerhus

Dronningensgade 34, 1420 København


Dorina Bekefi


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