Branding, Packaging

KaffeBrænderiet is a Copenhagen-based artisan coffee roastery. They offer carefully selected freshly roasted coffee, which makes a difference to the taste experience. KaffeBrænderiet believes that the coffee experience is a matter of quality decisions: buying selected coffee in small quantities, which is enjoyed while it is fresh.

During the discovery phase we identified KaffeBrænderiet's unique selling proposition: Always fresh, hand-roasted in Gentofte. We wanted to create an identity that reflects these attributes. We created a logomark inspired by the sun symbol found in the Gentofte crest. To emphasize the freshness of the coffee we decided to create a graphical element out of the roast date. We created a unique date picker for the coffee packaging where the roast master marks the date and the roast type by hand. This creates the craftsmen's signature which highlights the handmade aspect of the product.

This project is a collaboration with Sharmarke Hujale, a wonderful brand experience designer and writer. To see his work or read his articles visit his website: https://hujale.dk/ To order coffee go to: https://kaffebraenderiet.dk/